Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Called to Serve

One of our great blessings is
sending off missionaries from our districts.
President Prince has the honor of 
interviewing, counseling, and setting apart
these great young men and women.

It seems like the train has sped up and we are seeing more and more applications.
Someone once told me:
"The work is moving faster.  It's time to either jump on or get run over!"
We are ALL called to serve...have you jumped on yet!

This week President Prince set apart 2 missionaries
 Elder Lasso 
from the Tuluá district
He arrived in Cali alone and was brought to the mission home by 2 missionaries.
He is off to Mexico City.
He is a humble, gentle young man.
Elder Edwards and Elder Fuentealba helped with the setting apart.

Hermana Cabrera
from the Palmira district
We went to Palmira to set her apart.
She was surrounded by many friends and church members.
She is off to Montevideo, Uruguay.
Hermana Cabrera is a happy, converted, loving young lady.

Each missionary that President Prince sets apart now
will return home to a different mission president to release them.
We will miss seeing their growth and hearing their stories.
The army of God is growing...
we are ALL enlisted 'til the conflict is oer.

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