Thursday, March 28, 2013

To the airport...

We are thinking that outside of the major transit carriers
we go to and from the airport more than anyone else.
It takes us anywhere from 30 minutes (at 4:30am) 
to 1 1/2 hours (at rush hour) to get to the airport.  
We never know what kind of road work, wreck, or traffic jam will greet us!

Tuesday, March 26 we said good-bye to Elder Jensen.

2 years ago we met Elder Jensen in the Provo MTC...we were all studying Spanish!
Now he is happily back home with his family.

On Wednesday, March 27 we picked up 3 arriving missionaries
 We are SO happy to have Elder Viza arriving AGAIN.  
He arrived 6 months ago on crutches with a broken ankle...after getting an infection in the bone he had to return home to Peru to heal.  He is now back with us in the field!
                                                                                    Elders Sanchez and Viza
                                                         Elder Xochicale and President Prince          
A dinner at Subway before heading back to Cali...from the airport!

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