Monday, April 29, 2013

Sister, Sisters, there were never such devoted sisters...

I have always liked this song from the movie "White Christmas".
Maybe it was because I always wished for a sister 
and admired those who had one.
Sisters in the gospel have been my strength.

Here in the mission, as well as in all the world,
the number of sister missionaries is increasing.

Caring, sharing...sometimes...every little thing that they are wearing!

On Friday, April 26 we had all of our sister missionaries together.
They arrived in Cali for a mission conference
so we had to take advantage of them all being together.

It was fun to decorate and plan for them to arrive
We turned the house into a fun restaurant, 
worked hard in the kitchen, and awaited their arrival!

 Being in different zones all over the mission, they were SO happy to see each other again.
 An emotional reunion...Hermana Blanco with her trainer, Hermana Sepulveda!
These beautiful sisters arrived from the MTC together!

Our 4 Sister Trainer Leaders!  
Hermanas Medina, Fuentealba, Jacobo, and Araneda

They gave a wonderful training to the sisters helping them to remember
why they are here, the need for obedience, the importance of inviting others to be baptized, and the need to act.
Needs were met physically, spiritually, and emotionally
as we found strength in being sisters in the gospel.

The sisters of the Colombia Cali Mission
26 devoted to invite others to come unto Christ.