Friday, May 3, 2013

Big shoes to fill...

Come on in Elders! Take off your shoes and have a seat!
(the light colored furniture and shoe polish do not like each other!)
And thus the Mission Leadership Council began.
They discussed what they had learned from Elder Bednar and what they wanted to apply.
They realized they have big shoes to fill to teach the way Elder Bednar taught
and to inspire the missionaries under their leadership.

 They shared, counseled, and planned

They ate, visited, and re-committed themselves

 Mission Leadership Council
May 2, 2013
Front Row:  Elders Avalos, Rodriguez, Guerrero, Riepl, Alvarado, Calle, Rivadeneira, Menendez
Seated:  Hermanas Fuentealba, Medina, Pdte y Hna Prince, Araneda, Jacobo
3rd Row:  Elders Cordova, Alvarez, Zambrano, Borg, Aldunate, Perez, Stucki, Eliason, Montes, Rogche, Inga
Back Row:  Elders Valdiviezo, Cha, LaBar, Welling, Edwards, Novoa, Jensen

We love these capable young men and women...
with or without shoes, they stand tall in the service of our Savior.

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