Friday, May 3, 2013

Two by two...

"Let them go two by two, 
and thus let them preach by the way 
in every congregation, 
baptizing by water, and the laying on of the hands..." 
D&C 52:10

What really makes up a mission?
An area is as strong as the companionship.

During our interview cycle we interview one at a time
to strengthen them as they
leave two by two for another day in the mission field.  

Our assistants teach them two by two to help improve their teaching.

Here are some wonderful companionships from our last interview rounds
...we started early in April and finished up on May 1!
(my apology for a few pictures that just didn't happen!)



 Dr. and Sister Malouf visited us from Bogota in the middle of the interview cycle.  
Elder Malouf is the interim Area Medical Advisor.
He was AMA for 2 years from 2008-2010 and is just covering while 
Dr. Henderson prepares to be mission president and the new AMA arrives.
We had a delightful visit with them and they talked to many Doctors for us.

  Flying home from Pasto...exhausted!


The Buenaventura Elders had lunch with us before getting on a bus to head back.




Happy were we to arrive at the END...hopefully everyone learned something
that we could work on to do better these next 3 months!

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