Monday, June 10, 2013

A special family...

The Moyano Family is special to President Prince.
He taught the Mother (in green 2nd from left), Father (now deceased), 
and 3 of the 12 children when he was serving as a missionary in Cali.

 Gloria, the oldest of the 12 children, is suffering from Cancer
Together with the missionaries we went to visit and give a special blessing of health to 
2 of the Moyano girls.

Jorge, the youngest son, is a dance instructor and promised to teach us the Salsa.

We will be going this week to teach the gospel to some of the grandchildren.
This family continues to seek for the truth and I am sure it is the faith of 
this wonderful Matriarch that keeps them all together.

When we first arrived in Colombia she put her arms around me and said,
"I know why you are here.  I prayed Elder Prince back here."

Hopefully her faith will be rewarded as we continue to teach her posterity!
A VERY special family indeed!

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