Friday, July 12, 2013

Keeping up...

August is interview month.
President Prince has 195 interviews to do...I get to visit with companions!
We try to keep up with everything else in between interviews.
We had a family night with missionaries, members and investigators...
 We stepped out of interviews to attend a couple of baptisms...pure joy!
 Pres. Prince set apart Hermana Grajales as a missionary assigned to Uruguay
he set apart Hermana Bonilla assigned to Mexico City

 We have traveled from Palmira to Cali more than once 
and we are glad to be going by car and not horse!

Trying to KEEP UP with our Missionary Leadership,
we held our Missionary Leadership Council on July 11, 2013.

Keeping up 
with our New Leaders
center: Sister Guzman (new sister leader trainer)
and New zone leaders
on left: Elders Morgan, Delgadillo, Faúndez 
 on right: Elders Lopez, Camacho, Rojas

It is almost impossible to KEEP UP with these sisters!
Sisters Fuentealba, Guzman, Medina, and Araneda

Elder Welling keeping us organized...
So the picture turns out like this!
Front seated: Elders Heredia, Inga, Rivadeneira, Calle, Eliason, Perrenoud, Montes, Morgan
Seated: Sisters Medina, Fuentealba, PRINCES, Araneda, Guzman
Front standing: Elders Welling, Cordova, Alvarado, Guerrero, Faúndez, Zambrano, Rojas, Lopez, Valdiviezo, Camacho, Quisbert, Rogche
Back standing: Elders Rodriguez, Hutchison, Aldunate, Matos, Edwards, LaBar, Dahlin, Williams, Delgadillo, Avalos, Menendez

Keeping Up with their appetites

Making Banana Splits

Keeping Up with friendships
Our Seminary and Institute Crew came to talk to our leadership...
Roberto Garcia, Mauricio Camacho, and Yan Carlos Vega,
and enjoyed a little ice cream while waiting to start!

 Keeping up with Elder Avalos...somehow he appeared at a lot of the tables!

Keeping up with training

 Our assistants at work!

Some days it is all we can do to

In this month of interviews we still have
10 out of the 15 zones to visit.

And in between we will Keep Up with whatever else goes on in the mission!

Here's hoping that the Blog KEEPS you UP to date on our comings and goings in the Cali Mission!

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