Friday, July 12, 2013


Two is an important number in the mission...

"And ye shall go forth in the power of my spirit, preaching my gospel,
two by two
in my name, lifting up your voices as with the sound of a trump,
declaring my word like unto angels of God."
D&C 42:6

During their two years (or 18 months for the sisters) of full time service they devote themselves to studying, meeting people and teaching about Jesus Christ and His restored Church. 

At each baptismal service there are two witnesses
"and every word shall be two witnesses"
D&C 42:80
"in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established"
Matt 18:16

The Book of Mormon is a second (2) witness of Jesus Christ
and the most important missionary tool to teach the restored gospel.

President Prince and I 
are just
Two normal members of the church
with too many weaknesses
now having completed two years of our missionary service

Here is a quick accounting of two years as mission president:

We have received 227 missionaries since arriving
We have seen 114 missionaries complete their service and return home.
We have received visits from two of our children...the youngest two!
We have had 3 grandsons and one granddaughter born
One Grandson turned two on July 1...he is how we countdown our mission!

We have given countless talks in stake and district conferences.
We have had one visit from an apostle.
We have had one mission tour with Elder Uceda.
We have seen our mission divide from one big mission into two.
We have driven 100's of mile and made many plane flights.
Every 3 months we have held zone conferences...sometimes several zones together and sometimes individually.
We have had between 9 - 15 zones in the mission...15 at present.
We have added sister training leaders to our missionary leadership council.
We have held webcast and skype sessions with missionaries throughout the mission.
We have had hours of interviews with hundreds of loaves of banana bread.
We have celebrated hundreds of birthdays with chocolate chip cookes.
There have been 2451 people baptized.
We have received un-numbered emails of support from family and friends.
Our hearts have grown twice the size in love for our missionaries and the people of Colombia.

It is never TOO late to decide to serve the Lord.
May you decide to help a missionary 2-day!

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