Wednesday, July 3, 2013

special delivery...

On Saturday, June 29 our 10th grandchild
Daphne Adeline Quinn
made her dramatic entrance into the world.
5 weeks early, 5lbs 1oz of cuteness.

 She has become the center of our world, 
the focus of our prayers,
the exercise of our faith,
and the tenderness of our hearts.
I wait hourly for updates and pictures.
I have Face Timed in the Nicu with her and ached to hold her.

We have seen miracles, 
we have felt the prayers of many in her behalf.
I believe angels are close by because I can't be.
I KNOW my prayers have been heard.

We were promised our family would be blessed as we served...
The Lord keeps His promises...the blessings come to us
Special Delivery as we plead for His help and deliverance.

I know the Lord hears the prayers of missionary families...
Keep praying for your missionary sons and daughters
The Lord will deliver them from danger, sadness, and homesickness.
His blessings come Special Delivery to those who seek them.

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