Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We say Goodbye and We say Hello - Hello, Hello....

We Say Goodbye...

We Love Elder Jara.  
He is the first missionary we received 2 years ago.
A trip to Crepes y Waffles for a goodbye dinner helped to 
sweeten up the parting 
 He ate the WHOLE thing!
Our Assistants went with us...Elders Menendez, Avalos, and Welling!

 EARLY...the next morning we waited at check in

 Shed a few tears
 Gave a few hugs
 Promised we would keep in touch forever
And then we say Goodbye...and he is on his way home!

We Say Hello...
Hello, Hello!
 We welcomed 5 new missionaries to the Colombia Cali Mission on July 2, 2013
They loaded up the van and in the hands of capable assistants and secretaries
they were off to Cali!
 A Welcome Lunch at the mission home was enjoyed almost as much
as getting to know these great missionaries...they are a prepared group!

Then off to Cristo Rey
Elder Flores (our new materials secretary)
 With sunshine in their eyes and
a lot of fatigue from early mornings...we had a successful changing of Assistants today.
Elder Avalos (left picture...left of Pres Prince) is off to run our mission branch in Buenaventura!
Elder Welling is joining Elder Menendez to help keep Pres. Prince running! (literally)

I love this picture!
O, Cali...O Cali...How oft we would have shared the gospel with you...!
Our July 2013 Group
Elder Dean, Sister Rojas, Sister Campos, Elder Lyle, and Elder Correa

Meeting their trainers and first mission companion

 Elders Correa and Whitney
 Elders Dean and Cartes
 Elders Borg and Lyle

 Sisters Quispe and Campos

Sisters Rojas and Chacón



and then we say goodbye...goodbye...goodbye!

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