Saturday, August 24, 2013

Palmira and Paraíso Zones...Together A.I.Ming for success...

I must admit that I felt very much surrounded by Priesthood in this zone conference.
(Now just maybe you can appreciate why I take pictures with the sisters when I am with them.)
I love these young missionaries...because they love me.
We had a wonderful zone conference with all 25 of them!

Zona Paraíso
Front:  Elder Faúndez (ZL), Princes, Elder Dahlin (ZL)
Back:  Elders Rosario, Olguin, Fuentealba, Low, Robbins, Ramos, Saez, P. Lopez,
Mancilla, Walker, and Chumacerro

Zona Palmira
Front:  Elder Hogan (ZL), Princes, Elder Calle (ZL)
Back:  Elders Reyes, Alfonso, Melgarejo, Caja, Kendrick, Nail, Santizo, Calvillo, 
Xochicale,  and Gonzalez

Ready to learn...

 Figuring it out...


Now put it in practice... 

Birthdays from June, July, August....only 2!
 Happy, Happy for Elders Alfonso and Robbins!

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