Thursday, August 22, 2013

A.I.M....right on target...Cali South!...

Cali South Zones
 Day 3 of Zone are getting fewer and the training more powerful...
wish you were all there with us!

 Zona Agua Blanca
 Front:  Elder Cordova (ZL), Princes, Elder D. Payne (ZL)
Back:  Elders Henostroza, R. Lopez, Amado, Encarnacion, Johnson, Galvez, 
Chavez, and Beltran

  Zona Farallones 
 Front:  Elder Zambrano (ZL), Princes, Elder Wilcox (ZL)
Back:  Elders Dean, Mosqueira, Morán, Lawrence, Longorio, Viza, S. Walker, and Cartes

  Zona San Fernando
Front:  Sister E. Campos, Princes, Sister Quispe
Back: Elders Inga, Menendez, Farinango, Hidalgo, Bautista, Medina, Henao, Flores, 
Perez, and Welling


 The beauty of the zone conference...Sister Campos and Sister Quispe

The Office
No one works harder than our office crew!
I love these good young men.  
They keep us all up and running.
Front:  Elders Flores, Inga, Perz
Back:  Elders Welling, Menendez, Henao

Captain Moronis
 Congratulations to...
Elders Cordova, D. Payne, and Flores

 Those who celebrated birthdays during June, July, and August!
 Elders Chavez, Beltran, and Payne
 Elders Inga and Medina
Elders Viza, Dean, S. Walker, and Longorio

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