Thursday, August 15, 2013

Shall we do this in English or Spanish?

Welcome to the best mission in the world!
Bienvenido a la mejor misión en el mundo!

What is your family like?
Como es su familia?

That's awesome!
Que chevere!

Let's go!

and gradually it went to pretty much all Spanish as the day wore on!
Our August 2013 group
3 Elders from the U.S.A.
3 beautiful sisters from El Salvador, Bolivia, and Guatemala
Elders Walker, Nail, and Adams - Sisters Alarcón, Jachacollo, and Chub

A Welcome Lunch at the Mission Home

 New Elders and the Office Crew!
New Sisters and the Kitchen Crew!
(don't mind that some well-meaning missionary changed my camera to poster effect
 and the pictures lately are a little strange...but we got it fixed!)

Looking over Cali

Meeting New Companions

LUNCH...and getting to know you!

Poor Sister Medina has been sick...this is all she could eat!
But there are always missionaries willing to "eat" the extra-mile!

An Afternoon of training and off to their areas...

Good-bye!  Adios!

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