Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's all about the FOOD

After 3 days in a row of meal preparation, I finally realized that it is all about the FOOD!

We have been asked to "FEED my Sheep"
We are admonished to "FEAST on the Word of God"
We are told that we can not live by BREAD alone...
(although with a Panaderia on every corner in Colombia 
you might begin to believe that you could!)

Missionaries are told in D&C 84:81 to 
"take no thought..for what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink"
(I will assure you that they think about eating ALL the time!!)
We are also told a little farther on in the same section (vs 89-90) that
those who will FEED the missionaries will in nowise lose his reward.

Today was all about feeding our Leadership Council
(physically and spiritually)
August 2013 Mission Leadership Council
Front:  Elders Morgan, Avalos, Rivadeneira, Edwards, Montes, Hutchison
Sisters: Guzman, Villacis, Sepulveda, PRINCES, Araneda, Chacón, Fuentealba
Standing front: Welling, Delgadillo, Faúndez, Calle, Guerrero, Quisbert, Rocha, Cordova, Lopez, Alvarado, Payne, Rogche, Zambrano, Rojas
Standing back:  Hogan, Wilcox, Aldunate, Perrenoud, Eliason, Dahlin, Cha, Williams, LaBar, Camacho, Valdiviezo, Menendez
 New Zone Leaders:  Wilcox, Hogan, Payne, Rocha   New Sister Trainers:  Villacis, Sepulveda, Chacón

Ramon stopped by and there was plenty of food to go around...we even treated the doormen today!
AND there is ALWAYS room for icecream!
I am trusting that I will in NOWISE lose my reward
...this was a big week of feeding missionaries!

(Please be assured that the spiritual food was just as is just harder to document in photos!)

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