Sunday, September 8, 2013

Getting understanding...

In Proverbs we are told:
"Wisdom is the principal thing;  therefore get wisdom:
and with all they getting get understanding."

This was a week of "getting understanding"...
so many things that I just don't understand.
But the Lord does, and I do get that!

In Isaiah 55:8-9 we read:
"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts."

Elder Christopher Waddell of the first Quorum of the 70 
visited the Colombia Cali Mission this week.  

His visit was scheduled before any of the problems 
began in Colombia.
I think Heavenly Father knew that I would need understanding.

We divided the mission into 3 groups of 5 zones...that was the initial plan we had!

Wednesday, DAY 1...Zarzal, Tuluá, Buga, Paraíso, 
and Palmira zones

On this first day I understand better what it means to be flexible and that there is
one thing you can always count on in the mission...CHANGE.
Our meeting was supposed to start at 10:30am.
Elder Waddell's plane was delayed coming out of Bogotá and he arrived 2 hours late.
We started the meeing at 12:30pm...Elder Waddell personally greeted each missionary.
I understand what it means to be comforted by the Holy Ghost.

Front: Hermanas Guzman, Villacis, Princes, E. Waddell, Rapalo and Flores
Back:  Elders Checo, Morgan, Anderson, Cha, K. Rodriguez, and Suarez

Front:  Hermanas Cruz, C. Campos, Princes, E. Waddell, M. Hernandez y Cedano
Back:  Elders Cervantez, Quisbert, Bran, Camacho, Lamoreaux, Sanhueza, Rowley, B. Payne, Lang, and Lipe

Front: Elder Hogan, Princes, E. Waddell, Elder Calle
Back:  Elders Xochicale, Alfonso, Caja, Melgarejo, Santizo, Kendrick, Nail, Calvillo, Gonzalez, and Reyes

Front:  Elder Faúndez, Princes, E. Waddell, Elder Dahlin
Back:  Elders Olguin, Low, Fuentealba, Robbins, Rosario, J. Walker, Nunez, Ramos, Saez, P. Lopez, Mancilla, and Chumacerro

Front:  Hermanas Galan and C. Hernandez, Princes, E. Waddell, E. Williams and Rojas
Back:  Elders Candia, Mendez, Mina, Sacco, Wilkerson, and Separovic

Some lunch pictures


Thursday, DAY 2...Villa Colombia, San Fernando, Calima, 
La Costa, Agua Blanca, and Farallones 
(6 zones!...remember flexible?)

On day 2 I understand better the need to bring others to Faith in Jesus Christ.
understand the importance of conversion vs baptism.
I understand that there is power in the Lord's anointed servants.

Front:  Elders Perrenoud y Rogche, Princes, E. Waddell, Hermanas Campos y Quispe
Back:  Elders Farinango, Bautista, Hidalgo, and Medina

Front:  Elder Wilcox, Princes, E. Waddell, Elder Zambrano
Back:  Elders Moran, Mosqueira, Lawrence, Dean, Cartes, Longorio, S. Walker, Viza

Front:  Hermanas Fuentealba, Chacón, Princes, E. Waddell, Romero, Ordonez
Back:  Elders Alvarez, B. Lopez, M. Sanchez, Adams, Stevenson, Tidei, Guerrero, Torres, Malca, and Rocha
Front: Elder Cordova, Princes, E. Waddell, Elder Payne
Back:  Elders Henostroza, R. Lopez, Amado, Chavez, Johnson, Galvez, Beltran

Front: Elder Avalos, Princes, E. Waddell, Elder Rivadeneira
Back: Elders Musselman, Cain, Novoa, Didericksen, Joglar, Martinez

Front: Hermana Alarcón, Vargas, Princes, E. Waddell, Baca, and Marte
Back:  Elders Ramirez, Hansen, Gavilla, Chase, Andrew, Edwards, J. Ruiz, Delgadillo, Duque and Gallardo

Front: Princes and Elder Wadell
Back:  Elders Flores, Welling, Menendez, Henao, Perez, and Inga

Some Lunch Pictures:
The angels who made it all possible...
We love Ana and Maria!
I would try to put my plan into their heads and they would execute the plan perfectly...even if it did make them want to run and hide!!

once office crew...always office crew!
The helpful hands of Elders Avalos, Rivadeneira, and Novoa!

Friday, DAY 3...Popayán and Cordillera zones
(Pasto and Ipiales participated by webcast)

On the 3rd day of missionary training, I understand that the Lord's ways are not my ways.
I really wanted the roads to be open for Pasto and Ipiales to travel to Cali.
I do NOT UNDERSTAND but I have faith that HE does.
"Therefore, let your hearts be comforted concerning Pasto and Ipiales;
for all flesh is in mine hands;
be still and know that I am God."
I understand that I have a lot to learn about accepting the Lord's will, 
and if I am faithful to the end, someday I will understand perfectly.
And for now...that is enough for me to understand!

Front: Hermanas Galicia y Chub, Princes, E. Wadell, Elders Guerrero y Hutchison
Back:  Elders Marquez, Morales, Vera, Armstrong, Vaca, Campos, Sican, Darley

Front:  Hermanas Blanco, Deleon, Princes, E. Waddell, Jachcollo, Medina
Middle:  Elders Jones, Alvarado, Carrasco, Llerena, Borg, Lobelcho, H. Sanchez, Rendón, and Miranda
Back:  Elders Lyle, M. Ruiz, Silva, LaBar, Jolley, Dearing, and Pancheri

Some Lunch pictures: 

I understand that the Lord loves HIS missionaries!
I understand that I have a lot to learn from each one of them!
I understand that the Lord knew we needed E. Waddell this week!
I am getting understanding with each passing day!


Natalie said...

Thank you so much for these updates. I feel like I am right there on a mission with my little brother Zachary Morgan. I am so grateful that you have done this is so fun

Gustavo Menendez said...

Querida Hna Prince: Muchas felicidades por su cumpleaños. Muchas gracias por actualizar el blog que me permite sentirme cerca, y también muchas gracias por el amoroso cuidado a todos y en especial por Isma(Élder Menéndez). GRACIAS!! Dina(su mamá)

wendy said...

Thank you so much for this post! I truly needed to read this today...especially today! Thank you for your incredible examples and imparting your "understanding!" Perspective--I needed this today :)