Monday, September 16, 2013

Headed home...

 Two years are over...
The young boys who arrived have become men.
They have served faithfully 
are returning home with honor!
This will be their last meal in the mission home.
They are hungry for the food that only their moms can fix.
They are ready to move on with their lives.
They will never be the same
Neither will we for having known them!

Elders Bello, Novoa, and Malca
we love these great missionaries!

 They say that a missionary is not only assigned to a mission but to a President.
We are sure each one has taught us something and left their prints on our hearts.

Headed home...
well done thou good and faithful servants!

 Elder Novoa arriving home!!

Elder Bello was welcomed home by 
our returned Elder Jamett and his wife!!
(Elder Jamett was the AP who received Elder Bello when he arrived in Cali!)

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