Sunday, October 6, 2013

Flying high into a month of interviews...

After such a record month in the mission 
our missionaries are "flying high"!
And we are off to interview and spend time with every missionary.
Here are some pictures of us approaching the Pasto airport on Wed, Oct 2


 It is about a 45 minute taxi ride into the city.
We met with the sisters of the Pasto zone for lunch before interviews!

On Thursday, Oct 3 our Elders from Ipiales arrived...about 1 1/2 hours for them.

 And after interviews we had lunch!
 There was not a piece of this pizza left!

 Our "sweater boys" - Ipiales Zone
(You can tell the assistants are headed back to the warmth of Cali!)
front: Elders Heredia, Cordova, Rodas, Cabrera, K. Rodriguez
middle:  Elders Tidei, Andrew, Laws, Arista, J. Rodriguez, P. Prince
back:  Elders Menendez, Anderson, Eliason, Welling
 Headed back to Cali
2 zones done and 13 to day at a time!

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