Sunday, October 6, 2013

The prayers of many bring mighty miracles...

The month of September was a BIG month for the Colombia Cali Mission.
With 5 weekends in the month, our missionaries were hard at work
and we decided to do our part to help them.
The Andalucia Elders invited us to come to Andalucia and meet with their investigators.
We drove to Andalucia on a Thursday night.
 Seeing a Rainbow is always a good sign!
We went to dinner with Julien, Marta, and their 3 children...Carlos, Andres, and Angie
About 2 weeks ago Angie was baptized.
Julien, Andres and Carlos decided to wait until Marta had her answer and was sure.
At dinner Marta was NOT sure.  She said she had prayed and prayed and still didn't know.
She said she wanted to be sure, because she didn't want to fall away once she decided.
She said she loved the members, loved how the church was changing her family because of prayers and scripture study.  She said she would keep going until she had her answer.
I told her that some times we just need to decide, step forward with faith, tell the Lord what day she planned to join HIS church, and to please let her know if it was not the right thing.
We had a nice visit and a fun time getting to know this incredible family.
...and then we drove back to Cali....and we prayed for this family.

On Friday afternoon we received a phone call saying that Marta had her answer
and they wanted President Prince to baptize them on Saturday!
Since there is not a baptismal font in Andalucia,
the baptisms took place at the Principe Chapel in Tuluá.

Another Young Woman from the Andalucia Branch was also baptized,
here with Elders Cervantes and B. Payne.
Sisters Rapalo and Flores had two investigator baptized
by their District Leader, Elder Anderson, the same evening.
They belong to the Principe Branch.
Here they are with their missionaries!
Elders Sanhueza and Lipe.
President Prince baptized the parents
the Elders each baptized one of the sons.
(Angie changed into white because she wanted to be like her family!)
Families can be together Forever through Heavenly Father's plan...
next stop...The Holy Temple!

This is just a sample of the miracles that took place all over the mission in the
month of September.  During this great month 
new members of the church entered the waters of baptized and were confirmed.
This is the highest number of baptisms during one mont
in the Colombia Cali Mission in the last 25 years.
The faith of our missionaries, returned missionaries, members, families, and friends
all united to bring about this MIGHTY MIRACLE.  
We do not overlook the fact that there are many on the other side of the veil,
including our Elder Encarnacion,
helping in the work of salvation.
We feel the Lord's hand.  We feel the work moving forward.
We feel grateful!

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