Sunday, November 24, 2013

Count your blessings...

It is that time of the year...
Time to Count your Blessings
but if I named them one by one 
this post would go on forever!
So just to name a few...

1.  The Temple
 It has been well over 2 years since I have had the chance to go to the temple.
Just getting to visit the Bogota temple brought tears to my eyes.
I felt like I had ¨come home¨ when I walked into this Holy House.
I hope I can feel just like that when I return to my Heavenly Father.
Here we are with President and Sister Wakefield of the Bogota Temple.

2.  Returned Missionaries
 There is something special about seeing the missionaries who served with you
and seeing them happy and faithful in the gospel.
It is like seeing your kids after a long absence.
Thanks Elder Duque for coming to the airport in Cusco to visit us!

3.  Meeting missionary parents and families
The Quispe family in Cusco, Peru

When you meet the missionary families you understand where 
the power to do missionary work comes from.  
You can feel their faith and prayers for you and their missionary.  
You can feel their love and support.
I am grateful for these faithful parents who are the wind beneath our wings!

Brother and Sister Stevenson in St. George, UT

4.  Faithful friends and servants of the Lord
Twice a year we get to meet with all the Mission Presidents in our area.
Here we are with all the mission presidents serving in Colombia.
President and Sister Searle - Colombia Baranquilla
President and Sister Pitarch - Colombia Medellin
President and Sister Lozano - Colombia Bogotá South
President and Sister Dyer - Colombia Bogotá MTC
President and Sister Andelin - Colombia Bogotá North
President and Sister Prince - Colombia Cali
All I can say is:
¨Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good!¨
to get to associate with these wonderful men and women!

5.  Temple Covenants
I was able to go to the St. George Temple with our youngest daughter as she received
her endowment and made covenants with her Father in Heaven.
It was a beautiful, sacred experience and like water to my parched soul.
How grateful I am for my Temple Covenants!

6.  Our Parents
Well into their 80´s, our parents support us in everything we do.
We are grateful for their wisdom, counsel, laughter, and the
ability to endure to the end with us...they promised to wait!!

7.  The 5 Prince Kids
Words can not describe the love and admiration I have for my wonderful children.
They are my greatest blessings!
 and their spouses...
How lucky we are for each of them and the way they fit into our family.
They all rallied to support Marcie as she married.  
We love this family!

8.  Our Grandchildren
I met 4 of these little ones for the first time...and it was LOVE at first hug.
They are happy, fun, energetic, and the hope of the future.
What an incredible blessing!

9.  Technology
I am grateful for skype!
Through skype we are able to know our grandchildren.
Through skype we are able to keep in touch with our parents.
Through skype we are able to help meet our children´s needs.
Through skype President Prince was able to attend our family dinner
and participate in some of our daughters wedding events.
We are indeed blessed to live in a time when we can be two places at once.

10.  Missionaries and faithful members
Our November 2013 Missionary Leadership Council
and our Buenaventura Branch
They had 140 in attendance this Sunday 
and families who had just been sealed in the temple bore testimony.
This is the gospel in action...this is an incredible blessing.

11, 12, 13....the list goes on
November has been a VERY blessed month.
Feeling grateful!

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