Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Newbies...more power for us!...

An early morning airport run on November 1
netted us 5 powerful new missionaries

After arriving in Cali, the new missionaries go directly to 
the immigration office to get their visas registered and apply for their Colombian Cedula.
Then they go to the office where they:
1.  Have their first interview with President Prince
2.  Write a quick note home to tell their parents they arrived
3.  Fill out a survey of information we like to know about them.

Then they arrive at the mission home for lunch...

and for some photos
Our November 2013 Group
Elders Peñafiel, Pezo, Rodriguez, Montalvo, and Tobar

We then go up the mountain 
where they can get a good look at the city of Cali.

Elders Rodgriguez, Montalvo, Tobar, Peñafiel, and Pezo

They are always in the Lord´s hands!

We return to the office where they rest, have fun with the assistants,
have a pizza dinner, and the go out to work with some of our 
missionaries in areas close by.  
They arrive to their beds EXHAUSTED after having left the MTC at 3:30am!

The training day starts off with a 
good breakfast
followed by HOURS of training
(I always wonder how much they remember!)
then at about 12:30 they get ready to meet their first companion
 Our trainers...waiting to go inside
Elders S. Walker, Henostroza, Musselman, Fuentealba, Jolley

 eyes closed...door opening...
 sneaking up behind their companions...
Welcome to the mission!
Our newest companionships...
 Elders Fuentealba and Montalvo
 Elders Jolley and Tobar
 Elders Musselman and Pezo
 Elders Peñafiel and Henostroza
Elders Rodriguez and S. Walker

and then LUNCH...
by now you must realize I don´t let them go out to the field hungry!

and brownies with ice cream!
more training...

and then OFF to the mission field.
These new missionaries bring a POWER with them.
This is the first group that we received that has only had an 8 day MTC stay.

Changing of the guard
(or new assistant)

Elder Menendez (right) has been serving as assistant for almost 7 months.
This transfer he will go back out to the field and continue to 
baptize, lead, inspire, and help the people of Colombia.
Elder LaBar (center) is joining the office as our new assistant.
He will be companions with Elder Welling (left) who continues on as assistant.

Elders Welling and LaBar
Assistants to the President
President Prince with his assistants
How grateful we are for these powerful missionaries!

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