Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hallelujah...It´s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

 Was our feeling as we arrived to the LAST of our Christmas Zone Conferences!!
It´s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
was singing in our hearts as we spent time with our last 3 zones.

The Popayán Zone
Back: Elders Dean, Lamoreaux, Eliason, B. Payne, Menendez, Llerena, and B. Lopez
Middle:  Elders Zambrano, Somoza, Campos, Darley, Whitney and Sisters Avila, Jachacollo, Blanco, and Cantor
Front: Elders Mosqueira, Mancilla, Gallardo, Xochicale, and Princes

The Farallones Zone
Back: Elders Wilcox, Antonio, Jones, Princes, Moran, Caja
Front: Elders Lipe, Peart, Alvarado, S. Walker, V. Rodriguez

The San Fernando Zone
Back: Elders Rogche, Peñafiel, Henostroza, Sister Taica, Princes, Sister Campos, Elders Sanhueza, Camacho, Miranda, Perez
Front: Elders LaBar, Henao, Welling, Ramos, Inga, Cabrera, and Williams

We Spiced up the Holiday with real talent...

 Loved this Missionary version of a Christmas Carol...with Elder Scrooge

We Decorated some High achieving missionaries...

 Sisters Taica and Avila and Elders Antonio, Gallardo, Lipe, Wilcox, Zambrano, Alvarado, and Perez

We treated those who had celebrated birthdays...
in Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec

and we didn´t forget Patricia and Ramón!  We are grateful they came to celebrate with us!

There was plenty of food and visiting...

We sing Hallelujah
and KNOW it´s 
always The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
when we remember:
WHY we are sharing the gospel
WHY we celebrate the good news of Christ´s birth
WHY we are so blessed to spend time with the missionaries!

Merry Christmas to All!!!

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