Friday, December 13, 2013

Oh, We Need a Little Christmas...

There was nothing LITTLE about this Christmas Zone Conference

The Aguablanca Zone
 Front: Elders Mina, Cartes, Marquez, and Rendón
Back:  Elders Candia, Suarez, Princes, Reyes, and Canevaro

The Calima Zone
 Front: Elders Ramirez, Pezo, Musselman, Alvarez, Robbins
Back: Elders Delgadillo and Pancheri, Sisters Meza and DeLeon, Princes, Sisters Campos and Vargas, 
Elders Torres, Montalvo, Fuentealba
Back:  Elders Candia, Suarez, Princes, Reyes, and Canevaro

The Cordillera Zone
  Front: Elders Morales, Aguilera, Jolley, Tobar, Lawrence, P. Lopez
Back:  Elders Viza, Dahlin, Nail, Princes, Sisters Rapalo and Chub, and Elder Calle

La Costa Zone
 Elders Vaca, Cain, J. Walker, Edwards, Chamorro, Rivadeneira, D. Payne, and Joglar

The Villa Colombia Zone
  Front: Elders Stevenson, Rocha, Avalos, Santizo, Adams, Cunya
Back:  Elder Cordova, Sisters Ordoñez and Romero, Princes, Sisters Villacis and Baca, Elder Rodas

New Captain Moroni Award Recipients
 Elders Rodas, Chamorro, Cain, Suarez, Viza, Joglar, Vaca, Canevaro

A Little Bit of Happy...
 Elders Montalvo and Fuentealba
It is always good when your companion celebrates, too...then you don´t have to share cookies!!

and Sister Trochez was visiting our zone conference
She is a wonderful woman and support for the mission.

 President Prince having a LITTLE fun after the conference

Oh, we need a LITTLE Christmas NOW!!!

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