Sunday, January 26, 2014

We did it...

From one end of the mission to the other...
we finished our interviews with ALL the missionaries!

Villa Colombia Zone
 Elders Santizo and Beltran
 Elders Avalos and Didericksen
 Sisters Araneda and Avila
 Elders Rodas and Cordova
 Taking a break to celebrate Sister Araneda´s birthday!
 Sisters Romero and Ortiz
Elders Rowley and Cunya

Aguablanca Zone
 Elders Joglar and Cartes
 Elders M. Ruiz and Rendon
 Elders Reyes and Suarez
Elders Mina and Candia

Ipiales Zone
 Elders Aguilera and Lyle
 Elder Hogan and Faúndez
 Elders Arista and Flores
 Elders Anderson and Farinango
 Elders Andrew and Cha
 Elders Chase and K. Rodriguez
Pizza and Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday Elder Andrew!

 Pasto Zone
 Elders Rosario and B. Payne
 Elders Lobelcho and Lang
 Elders Rogche and J. Ruiz

 Sisters Hernandez and Galicia
Elders Morales and Quisbert
Elders Nuñez and Kendrick

Going a little crazy after over 190 interviews...but finally finished!
 Our assistants kept us on track from one end of the mission to the other!

A time out with the sisters...

 An Evening with a wonderful family who is investigating the church...

we finally wore our assistants out!
Headed home to Cali...exhausted, but a job well done!

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