Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Still trying...


We keep TRYING to be like Jesus
in all that we do and say...

Interviews with the San Fernando and Farallones Zones
 Elders Estrada and Ramos                     Hermanas Taica and Marte
 Elders Peñafiel, Henostroza, Lipe, and Perez
 Elders Alvarado, Caja, Antonio, and Peart
 Elders R. Lopez, Jones, S. Walker, and V. Rodriguez
 Elders Welling, Ramirez, Estrada, and Ramos

Setting apart new missionaries
 Hermana Ramos from the Palmira District
Assigned to the Maracaibo, Venezuela Mission

  Elder Pico from the Tuluá District
Assigned to the Agua Calientes, Mexico Mission

Interviews from Zarzal to Buga
                                Hermanas Villacis and Flores                Elders Sacco and Olguin
  Elders H. Sanchez, Karren, Marquez, and Johnson
 Elders Guevarra, Dearing, Pizarro, and Delgadillo
                               Hermanas Blanco and Quispe                Elders Martinez and Laws
 Elders Saez, Garcia, Gonzalez, and Cain
                                  Elders Vera and Correa                Hermanas Cedano and Villatoro
                          Hermanas Sepulveda and Ordoñez         Elders J. Rodriguez and Checo 
Elders Wilkerson and Galvez
Saying Goodbye to Elders B. López and Valdiviezo
How sweet it is!! 
Headed home to Guatemala and Argentina!
Receiving Elder Salverio
Just arriving from the MTC
Elder Silverio is our first Elder from Brazil!
Our Portuguese isn´t very good and he is working hard on learning Spanish.
We keep TRYING to learn new things...the key word is TRYING!

 The weekend was spent in training with Elder C. Scott Grow.
We keep TRYING to Hasten the work of Salvation
and are grateful for the time the brethren give us.

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