Monday, February 3, 2014

a busy weekend

 Headed home to Nicaragua - Elder Somoza


There are some missionaries you will never ever forget!

Then off to Ipiales...
They just had a new chapel built.  It is beautiful!
We had the opportunity to give a fireside there for the members.
About 300 people attended.
 Our missionaries in Ipiales are doing a great job!
Front:  Elders Farinango, Vaca, J. Walker, Flores, Hogan, and Aguilera
Back:  Elders Perez, Lyle, The Princes, Estrada, V. Rodriguez, Cha, and Bautista
Our Pasto taxi driver, Jorge and his wife Marta, drove us to Ipiales
and attended the fireside...they are not members...YET!
Some of our special members, investigators and friends...

do you get the impression from these pictures that we are REALLY tall here??

and what do you do when you have an extra day in Pasto...
Go to La Cocha!
 Enjoy the natural reserve, have a fresh trout lunch, and enjoy a P-day...we ought to have more of these!

and then enjoy a wonderful Stake Conference
President Prince and President Marquinez
We enjoy our friendship with the saints in Pasto.

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