Friday, February 7, 2014

dream, learn, do, become...

¨ If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.¨
John Quincy Adams

Those on our mission leadership council are
dreaming, learning, doing, and becoming
the future leaders of the church.

We depend on them to help keep the mission focused on their mission objective
¨inviting others to come unto Christ¨

We hope we help them achieve their dreams
We hope they are learning
We hope they go out and do when the meeting ends
And we hope they become who their Heavenly Father wants them to become.

Starting our day with a Breakfast for Champions

Learning and sharing successes

 A skype session with Elder Lynn Mickelsen
--a former President of the Cali mission
--an emeritus general authority
--and a master at missionary work
 learning from the master

Refueling for the afternoon...

Getting ready for pictures...
Love these multi-talented secretaries
Elders Sanhueza, Longorio, Miranda, and Mosqueira

4 new zone leaders joined the leadership council
Elders Chase, Darley, Chamorro, and Joglar

Sister Leader trainers
Hermanas Ordoñez, Avila, Sepulveda, Araneda, Cruz, and Baca
(with Sister Prince and Sister Aagard in the middle!)

Feb 2014
Colombia Cali Mission Leadership
back: Elders Henao, Joglar, Edwards, Morgan, Eliason, Martinez, Didericksen, Camacho, Wilcox, Dahlin, Pizarro, Aldunate
middle: Elders LaBar, Chase, Hogan, Laws, Viza, Rocha, Darley, Rojas, Perez, Pancheri, Chamorro, Delgadillo
front: Sisters Ordoñez, Sepulveda, Avila, PRINCES, AAGARDS, Sisters Araneda, Cruz, Baca

Finishing Strong
 The last leadership council for Sisters Sepulveda and Araneda
 Learning from the office secretaries...

Going forward with FAITH to 

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