Saturday, February 15, 2014

more zone conferences...

On Wednesday, February 12, 2014, we made our way to Popayán
for Zone Conference

Popayán Zone
 Front:  Sisters Galicia and Tontaquimba, PRINCE, Sisters Chub and Lopez
Back: Elders Joglar, Campos, Muñoz, Alfonso, Sacco, Lang, Gallardo, Cervantes, Celaya, Inga, Xochicale, Silverio, Dean, Mitchell, Whitney, and Eliason
Tontaquimba, Galicia, Chub, and Lopez

 Elder Campos receives his Captain Moroni pin



 On Friday, February 14, 2014 we were in Cali
with these 2 zones:

San Fernando Zone
Front:  Sister Meza and Marte, Prince, Elders Rocha and Darley (ZL´s)
Middle:  Elders Amasifuen, Henostroza, Separovic, Gavilla, Mancilla, Musselman, Ramos, Miranda, Aldunate, and Longorio
Back:  Elders Sanhueza, Mosqueira, Carrasco, Caja, Ramirez, and LaBar
 Villa Colombia Zone
Front:  Sisters Avila and Araneda, PRINCE, Sisters Jachacollo and Ortiz
Middle:  Elders Beltran, Faúndez, Hutchison, Rowley, Robbins, M. Ruiz, H. Sanchez, Llerena, Mina, Cartes, Santizo, Olguin, Cordova, and Reyes
Back:  Elders Didericksen and Pizarro (ZL´s)

Elder Darley receives his Captain Moroni pin



 Elder Hutchison´s last zone conference...see you soon mom!

Birthdays from Jan, Feb, and Mar
 Elder Faúndez turned 21 TODAY!
This is his last zone conference...see you soon mom!
 San Fernando Zone Birthdays
Elders Musselman, Henostroza, Aldunate, Mosqueira, Mancilla, and Miranda
Sister Aagard
 Villa Colombia Zone Birthdays
Sister Araneda
Elders Santizo, Cartes, M. Ruiz, Faúndez, and Hutchison

and because it is Valentine´s Day...
 We wanted our missionaries to know
We LOVE them BEARY much!
 Happy Valentine´s Day
Happy 35th Anniversary
to the Prince of my dreams!
Yes!,he did remember 
SHHHHH...we had a nice dinner out and a movie to celebrate!

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