Thursday, February 20, 2014

When two or three are gathered in my name...

This is what happens at Zone Conferences
There are sweet moments when you feel like you have
just received inspiration from Heaven...or maybe you just FEEL HIM there.

On Wednesday, February 19, 2014
We had four zones together for zone conference
...a few more than two or three gathered in His name.

The Calima Zone
Front: Sisters DeLeon and Campos, PRINCE, Sisters Sanda and Hernandez
Back:  Elders Johnson, Dearing, Pezo, Torres, Montalvo, Pancheri, Rojas, Rendon, Melgarejo, Jones

 The Cordillera Zone
Front: PRINCE and Sisters Villatoro and Rapalo
Back:  Elders Chumacero, Chamorro, Dahlin, Nail, Tobar, Lawrence, J. Ruiz, Antonio, Calle, Arista

 The Costa Zone
Front:  Elders Henao and Edwards, PRINCE
Back:  Elders PeƱafiel, D. Payne, S. Walker, Canevaro, Adams, and Rodas

 The Palmira Zone
Front:  Elder Wilcox and Camacho (ZL´s) and PRINCES
Middle:  Elders Tidei, Sican, Low, Rivadeneira, Moran, Menendez, M. Sanchez, R. Lopez, Tolentino, Cabrera, and Medina
Back:  Elders Chavez, Stevenson, Anderson, Andrew, Armstrong, and Perrenoud

 Elder Chavez receives his Captain Moroni Pin


Those with January, February, and March Birthdays!
 Elders Edwards, Canevaro, and Henao
 Elders Rendon, Pezo, and Pancheri, and Sister Campos
Elders Camacho, Andrew, Low, Stevenson, and Perrnuoud
Elder Dahlin

Going and Doing

We love to be gathered with these
representatives of our Savior.
We always feel HIM near.

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