Friday, February 28, 2014

Zone Conference in Pasto...always be ready with Plan B...

The Assistants planned to go to Pasto and do divisions the day before our trip
Plan to Pasto, do divisions!
What actually happened (Plan B)...
Flight was delayed so they would not make their connection in Bogota,
 they came back to Cali, took a bus to Pasto arriving in the middle of the night and did divisions the following day.

Plan light and take it all in a small suitcase
What actually happened (Plan B)...
We did just that, but I forgot my coat and scarf.
First time in Pasto without anything to stay warm!
Think warm thoughts and stay warm!

Plan A...Zone leaders order lunch and have it ready at 1pm for 36 missionaries.
What actually happened (Plan B)...
Zone leaders ordered lunch, confirmed lunch with restaurant the morning of, paid for half of the lunch several days before,
left to pick up lunch at 12:30pm,
Called to say the restaurant was closed and they now had no lunch.
Sister Prince walks to nearby restaurant and orders 12 large pizzas.
President Prince and AP´s continue on with conference.
Zone Leaders go to store to buy drinks, plates, cups.
We have lunch at 2:30 instead of 1pm.

We still don´t know what happened to that restaurant!

I have always said that Pasto was complicated,
but we have learned how to adapt!

Ipiales Zone
 Front:  Elders Estrada, Flores, Farinango, Aguilera
Back:  Elders Perez, Hogan, Vaca, J. Walker, PRINCE, Cha, Bautista, V. Rodriguez, and Lyle

Pasto Zone
Front:  Sisters Cedano, C. Hernandez, Romero, PRINCE, Cruz, Baca
Back:  Elders Jolley, Lobelcho, B. Payne, Rosario, Rogche, Morales, Calvillo, K. Rodriguez, Quisbert, Hansen, Morgan, Martinez, Nuñez, and Kendrick


 Our newest Captain Moroni
Elder J. Walker


 One of Elder Aldunate´s converts made this wonderful dessert...
Merengon with various fruits and whipped cream.  YUM!

those who have birthdays in Jan, Feb, and Mar
 Elders Lyle and J. Walker
Sister C. Hernandez
Elders Aldunate, Rosario, Calvillo, and Lobelcho

Arriving...back in Cali
Plan A...Get home in time to prepare for evening meeting
What actually happened (Plan B)...
This is how we found the car in the airport parking lot.
 This is NOT a white shirt job!

Tire loaded and we were on our way!

You might say after a month of zone conferences
we are re-tired (or tired again!)

What we have learned-
Adapt...and always have a Plan B!!!

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aubreyq said...

Dad changing a tire is one of my favorite missionary pictures!