Sunday, February 23, 2014

random thoughts 3 years later...

Three years ago the first post on my blog was the following...I have used the strike out feature to update it to our current status:

We have been called to Serve in LEAVE the Colombia Cali Mission. Our mission preparations are somewhat akin to a tornado ripping through your house! We have sold two homes, stored BEGUN TO ORGANIZE AND PACK (moving company came today to take an assessment) our belongings, begun spanish and preach my gospel tutoring, participated in moving webinars and area conference calls,CONTINUED WITH ZONE CONFERENCE, WEBCASTS, STAKE AND DISTRICT CONFERENCES, SENDING OFF AND RECEIVING MISSIONARIES, ETC. and tried to anticipate what we will need to take with us for 3 years DO FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES.
We have had the guiding hand of the Lord, the missionary department, many dear friends, our parents, OUR RETURNED MISSIONARIES, and our children and grandchildren (whom are the wind beneath our wings!WE CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE!)
The adventure is about to begin...the countdown is real!


1.  This is like walking into a thick fog and hoping the light soon shines through.  
2.  We will NEVER know if we helped change things, but we DO KNOW that we have been changed in the process of trying.
3.  The only thing you can really take with you are the memories.
4.  Friends are forever...those who helped me from home and those who will go home with me in my heart.
5.  The gospel is perfect.  The missionaries and members are not.
6.  Prayer changes things.
7.  Never underestimate the power of a missionary mom!
8.  I feel grateful for the journey.
9.  We will forever be connected to our missionaries and their families for having had this experience.
10. Enduring to the end is real!

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