Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Get Ready, Get Set, A.I.M...with the North Cali Zones

Zona Cordillera
Front:  Sisters Chub and Galicia, Princes, Elders Hutchison and Guerrero
Back:  Elders Marquez, Morales, Vera, Campos, Vaca, Sican, Darley

Zona La Costa
Front:  Elder Rivadeneira, Princes, Elder Avalos
Back:  Elders Musselman, Cain, Novoa, Didericksen, Martinez, Joglar

Zona Calima
Front:  Sisters Alarcon and Vargas, Princes, Sisters Marte and Baca
Back:  Elders Edwards, Ramirez, Chase, Hansen, Gavilla, Andrews, M. Ruiz, 
Duque, Gallardo, and Delgadillo

Zona Villa Colombia
Front:  Sisters Fuentealba and Chacon, Princes, Sisters Ordonez and Romero
Back:  Elders B. Lopez, Alvarez, Tidei, Adams, Stevenson, M. Sanchez, Guevara, 
Torres, Malca, and Rocha

Get Ready...
Get set...
Our new Captain Moronis
Elders Stevenson, Avalos, and Didericksen

we played the game ZOOM to teach
them about a missionary who has initiative.
It is fun to see their problem solving skills and how
they apply this to their missionary work.

 those who have celebrated birthday's in June, July, and August.
 Elders Torres, Malca, Adams, Guevara, M. Sanchez, Tidei, and Sister Romero
 Sister Marte, Elders Gallardo and Duque
 Elders Cain, Novoa, and Rivadeneira
Elders Vaca and Armstrong and Sister Galicia

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