Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ready, A.I.M, Zone Conference!

                                           A...mor      (love)
                                      I...niciativa (initiative)
                                     M...iembros  (members)
We are AIMing to focus our missionaries on higher levels
of spiritual progress and success.

This round of zone conference we have focused on 3 areas...
1.  Charity,  2.  Initiative,  3.  Working with members

We have learned that Charity is the sign of a true disciple.
We have learned that Charity casts out fears.
We have learned that Charity only comes as we pray, repent, and receive the Holy Ghost.
We have learned that Charity must start in our companionships!

We have learned that our own beliefs can limit our actions.
We have learned that we don't have to be commanded in all things.
We have learned that THE POWER is in us to do good.

We have learned that with the help of the members we meet the needs of our investigators and have more success in missionary work.

and we have learned MUCH, MUCH, more!

We will be on the road for the next two weeks doing zone conferences.
We started in Popayán!

Zona Popayán
Front:  Elders Lobelcho, H. Sanchez, Miranda, Rendón, Carrasco
Middle:  Elder LaBar, Princes, Pres Trochez, Elder Alvarado
Sisters:  left:  Medina and Jachacollo    right:  Blanco and DeLeon
Back:  Elders Pancheri, Llerena, Lyle, M. Ruiz, Jolley, Borg, Silva, Dearing, Jones
Our Popayán Zone Leaders:  Elder LaBar and Elder Alvarado

Our New Captain Moroni's:  Elders Jones, Borg, and H. Sanchez
(Captain Moroni = 10 baptisms total in 3 consecutive months)
The day of Zone Conference, August 17,
was Elder Dearing's birthday

Elders Dearing, Jolley, and H. Sanchez had birthdays since the last zone conference!
They love to get their birthday cookies!

Some Sister Love
 I love going to a zone where there are sisters!  
Sisters Jachacollo, Medina, DeLeon, and Blanco

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