Friday, August 16, 2013

Lovely Ladies...

These incredible women deserve a post of their own...
Ana and Maria are amazing!
They are ALWAYS happy and ALWAYS ready to help.
They keep me smiling in all kinds of situations...
The help of their 4 hands doubles the capacity of my 2 hands.
We have a lot of companionships in the mission
but this trio is the most powerful.
I am SO grateful for their constant dedication to this work.
They have worked with many different presidents in the mission for many years...I consider them the motor of the mission!

They find joy in the little things...
you can always hear their laughter and it is contagious!
We ride up and down the elevator many times together...
stuffed in with all the food we move from the 15th floor to the 1st floor 
Magic is made with them by my side.

They are the "cherry" on the top of my activities in the mission.
They are part of the sisterhood in the mission!
Everyone LOVES Ana and Maria!

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