Sunday, January 12, 2014

All in a weeks work...

The truth is that I can not begin to describe a weeks work.
Somehow we get up early, never have enough hours in the day, 
feel like we are 3 steps behind, 
and fall into bed exhausted.

The second week of 2014 included:
  • Training in the Palimra District
  • Interviews with our Buenaventura Elders
  • Office Meeting
  • Activity in the mission home with Valle Grande Elders and investigators
  • An area video conference for all Mission Presidents
  • Training with the Calima Stake
  • Leadership Council
  • Activity in the mission home with the Versalles sisters and investigators
  • Interviews with the Popayán zone
  • Training with the Popayán District
  • District conference (3 sessions) with the Popayán District

and I am sure there were about 190 letters Pres. Prince had to read,
sick missionaries, and other missionary issues that filled in the down time!

We are still TRYING to be like Jesus
Here are a few more smiles from this weeks work
La Costa Zone
 Elders J. Walker, Canevaro, Henao, and Edwards
Elders Vaca, Adams, D. Payne, and Chamorro
 There were 178 attending the Buenaventura Branch
this Sunday
Two of our Sister Trainers
 Sister Sepulveda and Sister Avila
Spent the weekend with the members in Buenaventura this weekend
Where in Buenaventura are they?  Can you find them?

Here is Popayán Zone...all smiles!

 Elders Campos, Darley, López, and Xochicale
 Elders Lamoreaux, Somoza, Mitchell, and Alfonso
 Sisters Chub and López                Elders Llerena and Whitney
 Elders Mosqueira, Dean, Menendez, and Eliason
 Elders Gallardo and Zambrano
 And a cute little family we met...I fell in love with these kids!!
And here is the zone with the District President Zambrano on the right!

In our Leadership Council
We are Chasing the World Cup...
Setting High Goals for the win!

I would say that we started off with a breakfast of champions...

Stretched our minds,
Exercised our thoughts,
And planned for the success of our team!

Refueled for the afternoon...

somehow Elder Avalos gets in a lot of pictures...I will miss this Elder!!
 These leaders have all it takes to be CHAMPIONS!!
What a great group of missionaries!

This is the last leadership conference for these zone leaders
Oh, how they will be missed!
Elders Lipe, Suarez, Avalos, and Menendez
Watch out World (cup) here they come!!!!!!!

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