Friday, February 21, 2014

1, 2,...7...a month of goodbyes

February 2014 surprised us with 3 different departure dates
missionaries finishing their service and returning home to their families

February 4, 2014
One Happy Elder
Elder Williams has been a gigantic missionary in size and spirit
His smile defined his mission...happily serving his Father in Heaven.

 One Happier Family
Happily reunited!

February 11, 2014
One of the big tests to see if they are ready to go back into ¨real life¨
is watching them try to choose something from a menu...
instead of being handed a plate of rice, beans, and chicken.
 They did just fine...little decisions can bring great blessings!

 Two contented Elders
 Elders Lamoreaux and Silva have been great leaders in the mission.
They will be remembered for their willingness to DO in whatever the circumstance.
 On their way to the arms of their families!...well done Elders!

Two VERY Content Families
They made it!
Mission Accomplished Elder Lamoreaux!
Welcome Home Elder Silva!

February 21, 2014
Seven Ready Elders
Elders Faúndez, Low, Reyes, Rivadeneira, Edwards, Olguin, and Hutchison

They have finished strong and are ready to return with honor.

We had a special night with them to say farewell

 It has been a ¨sweet¨ blessing to have these missionaries 
in the Cali, Colombia mission!

Until we meet again...
(the saddest part of the morning was a change in flight plans
and not being able to see Elder Rivadeneira and Elder Olguin
off at the airport...they had to leave on an earlier flight 
and we arrived 10 minutes after they left!)
Watch out USA here they come!
Elders Hutchison, Low, and Edwards
 Many members from Palmira arrived at the airport to say Good-bye!

A second trip to the airport in the afternoon...
 To send Elder Faúndez off to Chile 
Elder Reyes back to Argentina
 Another group of members came to see them off
They are beloved missionaries!
 For those who know how hard it is to say goodbye...
This has been a LONG month of Goodbyes!

And their families and friends are READY to have them home!
Reunited again...
Elder Edwards and Elder Walton!
Elder Rivadeneira back at home!
2 Cali missionaries together
Elder Ramirez and Elder Rivadeneira
Elder Olguin back in Mexico!
Elder Low arrived safely into his parents arms!
Elder Low and Elder Edwards flew all the way to Arizona together.
Elder Reyes made it all the way to Argentina...happy are we!

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